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Liselund ny Slot · Langebjergvej 6 · DK- 4791 Borre · Møn

Surroundings & Philosophy

Two important features make Liselund ny Slot very special.


The Surroundings:

A stay in Liselund ny slot is a journey in fairytale-land. Its location in Calmette's romantic park offers various surprises and feeds your soul. This place is devoid of artificial distractions, but on the other hand you will find it the most fantastic natureal experience. Liselund has many good stores, and the people who live here are ready to share them with you: to tell about the castle, the park and all the friendly spirits who glide around these beautiful surroundings.


The Philosophy: 


A symbiosis of environmental care, viability and ecology in everyday licfe has right from the start in 1990 been part of the fundamental value in running Liselund ny Slot as a hotel. We make a big effort to get the best possible raw materials for our kitchen, with as much as possible sourced in the local area.